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Check Out Simogo’s ‘Project Night Road’ First Image

Simogo has given us some fantastic games – Year Walk ($3.99) and Device 6 ($3.99) – and also some games that got people debating whether they were games or interactive experiences. Recently, the developers have announced they are working on Project Night Road, “the most gamey game" from Simogo, although “in other ways it is not." After some teasing on its Instagram page – which included some development documents – Simogo has posted the first image from Project Night Road, and it’s definitely pretty. Outside that, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. You can see he’s playing with a controller, which isn’t a device I often associate with Simogo games, and the perspective looks to be different than the usual.

Playing Project Night Road.

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What else do we know about the game? Not that much, really. We do know it will have scoring systems, goals, and replayability, but it will also be influenced by many aspects of pop culture and will be as fun to play as to watch. And it has characters, motorcycles, dancing masks, weird powers, and a mysterious thrift store existing only in a girl’s dream. In other words, the usual Simogo craziness. We have no release date yet, but I have a hunch it’s still a long ways off.