Someone Has Found the End of ‘Desert Golfing’ at Hole Number 64,465

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Even though I spend most of my free time writing about a ridiculous variety of iOS games, I always tend to gravitate towards a relatively basic App Store classic on the everyday commute. This game is Desert Golfing ($1.99) – while not much more than an extremely minimalist putting simulator, in practice the game is an incredibly cathartic and relaxing experience. However, with the ever-present aggregate number of strokes, Desert Golfing can become a surprisingly competitive and social App Store essential – this versatility is a major factor in how the game has become a cult hit amongst many fans. The procedurally generated nature of the title, and whether there is actually an end point to the game, is also a big driving factor behind why people keep on playing, and back in March some extremely devoted fans thought they had found the conclusion to the courses on hole number 19,491. Earlier this week such speculation has been well and truly crushed, as Twitter user AldenLudwick has found the end of Desert Golfing in the form of an impassable ocean at the 64,465th hole, which developer Justin Smith has implied is a true terminus for the game.


Anyone who hasn’t played Desert Golfing may be justifiably shocked at how someone has managed to take 182,583 shots over the course of 64,465 holes in an iPhone game that is only around two years old. However, after spending many hours immersed in the desert golf experience it is perfectly reasonable that someone would reach such extreme limits at some point. Despite this, while it is a valiant effort from Alden in reaching the end point of Desert Golfing, the developer deserves the vast majority of the praise for creating a game that, at a relatively low price of only $1.99, has captivated so many, and caused some players to sink in an incomprehensible amount of hours into the app. That being said, will this revelation remove that element of uncertainty and the anticipation that such unanswered questions brought with it? Probably not for me, considering I got excessively excited about seeing a cactus the other week, but do let us know your thoughts on this discovery on our forum thread.

[via AldenLudwick]

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