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‘Zombie Gunship Survival’ Is in Soft Launch in the Philippines

I spent quite a lot of time playing Zombie Gunship (Free) on my phone a few years ago; something about unleashing hell from above while trying not to hit those fleeing humans was incredibly satisfying. Now we are one step closer to getting our hands on Zombie Gunship Survival (formerly called Zombie Gunship, Inc), and if you live in the Philippines, you can start playing Zombie Gunship Survival today. What does the new game bring to the table? As you can see from the video below, the game brings 5 main new features to the game. The first one is, unsurprisingly, more powerful weapons that will help you blow those zombies up even more easily than before. The second one is improved visuals, which will make those explosions even better to watch, and the third is the addition of ground troops (instead of panicked civilians) that will need your help staying alive while fighting against the zombie hordes.

The game also adds a new campaign with multiple scenarios, which should make the game more fun to play and challenge you in different ways, and, finally, you get to build and upgrade your own base, a feature I’m not that crazy about because I think I’ve had enough of base building. The game is coming this winter, and you can check it out now here. If you don’t have a Philippines account, use our soft launch guide.