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Upcoming ‘Movie Studio Empire’ Wants Your Movie Ideas

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A very long time ago, a game came about called The Movies that, as you can guess, had you building a movie studio and making movies. The idea of The Movies was much more captivating than the actual game, although the game wasn’t bad at all. Movie Studio Empire is an upcoming game that’s looking to create a modern iteration of The Movies, which is promising. As the developers describe in our Upcoming Games forum thread, the game has you picking your favorite actors and actresses and trying to make the kind of movie that will bring money to your studio. When a movie is a hit, you get XP that you then use to upgrade your studio by unlocking new buildings, movies sets, etc. You know, the usual tycoon gameplay cycle.

Movie Studio EmpireThe movies you make will have randomly generated stories, but if you have fun ideas of possible movies to add, the developers want to you to go to the forum thread and let them know. Tycoon games can be fun or can be really boring; the devil’s in the details. Hopefully Movie Studio Empire will be the former.

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