‘Clash-A-Rama’ Animated Series Based on ‘Clash of Clans’ Coming in December

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Supercell has revealed that they’re doing an animated series set in the Clash of Clans (Free) and Clash Royale (Free) world, entitled Clash-A-Rama. These are based of course off of the various Clash-A-Rama shorts that have popped up on the Clash of Clans YouTube channel. However, these promise to be full episodes (though for a web series, a “full episode" could mean any particular length of time), and we’ll see how well “Clash of Clans humor" works in a longer format than 60-second animated shorts.

The series’ creative talents include three unnamed writer-producers from The Simpsons, though an IMDB listing says producer Claudia Katz and writer Rob LaZebnik, both with Simpsons experience, are working on the series. As well, Futurama animation studio Rough Draft is doing the animation for this one. Voice acting veteran Tom Kenny – aka SpongeBob, the Ice King, and a million more voices, has done work on the series as well. So there are some definite ties to some well-known series with Clash-A-Rama, and we’ll see just how entertaining it is when the full episodes roll out in December.

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