‘Candy Crush’ TV Show Launching Casting Call Today

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A few weeks ago, we wrote that Candy Crush (Free) was going to become a TV game show, and now it seems CBS is ready to recruit players for it. The network has sent out a nationwide open casting call today, so here’s your chance to be on TV. Contestants will be playing in the Candy Crush Arena in teams of two, and you can either apply on your own (and get matched with someone you don’t know) or apply with a teammate. You and your teammate will take on the obstacles of the Candy Kingdom that will be, unsurprisingly, all about match-3. The game’s executive producer said that they are looking for fun, outgoing Candy Crush players who want to compete on the “biggest, swipeable, interactive board game ever created." And just in case you were wondering, there will be a big crash prize at the end of all that candy.

If you want to apply to be on the Candy Crush TV Show, you can go here. The application asks you to rate your Candy Crush skill level and also asks about your current Candy Crush level. Now whether this information will help you get a leg up over the guy who juggles rats while playing Candy Crush remains to be seen. The application deadline is February 17th.

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