‘Football Manager Mobile 2017’ Is Now Available

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Good news for football fans out there (and yes, football, not soccer). Sports Interactive’s Football Manager Mobile 2017 ($8.99) is finally out, so now you can go coach your favorite team on the go. FM Mobile 2017 lets you coach teams from 15 countries, with Poland and Turkey being the new countries on the block in this year’s edition. You get to pick your starting eleven, make the appropriate transfers to strengthen your squad, pick your tactics, and much more. And when all is ready to go, you can watch the match in a 2D engine (although you can’t watch the full match; just highlights). If you like sports management games, this is probably the best one you can get on a phone in terms of depth, refinement, and entertainment.

Football Manager Mobile 2017

The 2017 version of the game has added some important refinements. Scouting has been improved significantly as now you get more information on a scouted player and can make better decisions. There are also additional transfer options – like loaning with buy-out clauses – that open up more possibilities when building your squad. Squad control has been improved as well, especially in terms of player interaction. Now you can punish that player for getting a red card last time around. Finally, the UI has been further improved. Overall, this is probably a big enough update to warrant buying the 2017 even if you bought last year’s.

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