Agent Venom Coming to ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’ this Week

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Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free) continues to do very well, and now its players will be welcoming another character, Agent Venon, aka Flash Thompson. In this interview D3 Go! producer, Josh Austin, talks about the new character, his abilities, and much more. He talks about how Flash and the suit constantly fight for control in the game, and that makes for some very cool moments. Since the game already had Venom, they wanted to make Agent Venom feel different. So, they placed emphasis on the character’s military training and made playing Agent Venom much more tactical. He heals damage but can also give his allies invisibility for a few turns using his Take Cover power. If the players are careless and don’t manage their AP appropriately, Venom can hurt himself and the player won’t generate AP.

The new character has quite a few new abilities but needs characters around him that generate lots of AP because of his AP drain. The character will be available November 17th and players can earn him in the Thick as Thieves Event on that day. He will also be available in the Simulator Story Event Vault on November 21st.

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