‘WWE SuperCard’ Season 3 Getting Royal Rumble Mode

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2K Games and Cat Daddy have some major plans in place for WWE SuperCard (Free) season 3 when it rolls out soon. Namely, they’re bringing a Royal Rumble mode to the game. Players will take on an opponent in a 15-on-15 card battle. Or a “slam-a-ganza" as they’re calling it. Each round will have you playing a card to battle. If you own the ring at the time, you sacrifice a card to pick the match type, and if they don’t pick up a match type that gives them the advantage, then you hold the ring. It’s a showdown for points, as holding the ring for a full round earns you a point, and having the last card standing gives you 3 points. Do note that ring holder attributes weaken each round you hold them. It should lead to an interesting showdown.


Cat Daddy is calling this a “mid-game" mode – shorter than King of the Ring but longer than Wild or Ranked modes in Season 3. When you finish a match, you’ll get more draft picks than in the standard modes. This is all sounding like a sizable overhaul to the venerable wrestling CCG that will dramatically chagne the game’s experience.

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