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Build a Tall Town in ‘Seldom Falls’ from Randy O’Connor

Randy O’Connor, known for his work on Waking Mars ($4.99) and for independent releases such as Deflated (Free) and Welfare State (Free), is working on his newest game Seldom Falls. O’Connor is keeping things kind of vague, but the game is set to release soon, as another smaller project from the Chicago-based developer. The game has multiple modes, but one mode I’ve played in a prerelease build has you building up a town using squares representing buildings and stone, trying to use the stone to protect the buildings from weather, as you manage your limited resources. It’s an interesting puzzle experience (though subject to change), combined with a more ‘creative’ town-building mode that will be in the game.


If you’re curious to follow the development of Seldom Falls, check out the forum thread where Randy O’Connor is posting developments as the game finished up its development in the coming days and weeks.