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‘Stagehand’ is a New Reverse Platformer From ‘The Incident’ Developers

Big Bucket, developers of The Incident (Free) and Space Age ($4.99), which features Neven Mrgan of Blackbar ($2.99) and Grayout ($2.99) fame, have revealed their latest game, Stagehand. What they’re calling a reverse platformer, you’ll have to help control Frank Solway – the protagonist from The Incident – by manipulating the stage’s various elements, not Frank. So, you’ll be raising and lowering platforms to get Frank where he needs to be. Frank’s life seemed to be falling apart in The Incident, and now he’s literally lost all control. Scroll Frank off the screen, or smack dab into a hazard, and he will suffer.

This one has been in the works for a while, as some early work was shown off by the team last year. Stagehand obviously is going to exist in a world where a real Mario game is coming to iOS, but the aesthetic off the bat looks like one of the best tributes to Super Mario World in a game that I’ve ever seen. Big Bucket is promising that this one hits iOS soon, and I’m certainly excited to check this one out. Stagehand‘s website has some additional screenshots and a newsletter you can sign up for.