‘Pokemon GO’ Data Miners Find Ditto and Gen 2 Pokemon in Latest APK

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Enterprising data miners poking around Pokemon GO (Free), especially its more-easily-accessible Android APK file, have discovered some interesting new things in the 0.45 APK. The big one? Pokemon numbers 152-251 are referenced in the app now, and Ditto is listed in the app’s data. In fact, the Transform move that obviously is key to Ditto is listed in the app’s code, and 52 new Pokemon families, including the Pokemon from Chikorita to Celebi, have been found in the app. This seems to indicate that the world of Pokemon GO is about to get some big expansion, very soon.

Pokemon GO website The Silph Road has a whole rundown of what this all could possibly mean. What is important is that Niantic is really starting to lay down steps for Pokemon GO to have a future, with the new Pokemon added in, and some new features that they have already been mentioning in various updates. We’ll see when this content starts to actually appear in the game, but it sure seems like Pokemon GO players, both lapsed and current, have a lot to look forward to.

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