BlizzCon 2016: Blizzard Unveils ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’, New Expansion for ‘Hearthstone’

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Today during the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony, Hamilton Chu of Hearthstone fame announced the newest expansion for the card battler. Taking place in the dark corridors and alleys of the port city of Gadgetzan, Mean Streets looks to offer an interesting mix based on the three ‘families’ of Gadgetzan (think mobs). Each family has their own types of cards with different strategies.


Also new to Mean Streets is the introduction of Tri-Class Cards, cards that can work with three different classes. Another new feature is the introduction of custom spells. For example, playing the new card Kazakus will create a custom potion that has you mixing and matching effects based on mana cost.

Mean Streets is expected to hit in early December. Meanwhile, we’ll hit the floor and grab more info later today.

UPDATE: Here’s a quick and dirty look at the new cards coming to Mean Streets of Gadgetzan:








UPDATE 2: Blizzard has officially revealed the new expansion on their blog with additional details, a trailer, as well as a link to a special pre-purchase bundle at the bottom of the blog post.

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