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‘Super Cat Tales’ is ‘Super Mario World’ with Cats, from ‘Drop Wizard’ Developer Neutronized and FDG Games

When people talk about the greatest platformer of all time, Super Mario World is almost always in the conversation. And yes, I’m among those that feel it’s one of the greatest video games ever made. Much of that has to do with its colorful world and crazy cast of characters, and if this new trailer for the upcoming Super Cat Tales is any indication, developers Neutronized and FDG Entertainment were heavily inspired by Nintendo’s classic. From the environments to the enemies and even the overworld map, there’s plenty of nods to Super Mario World in Super Cat Tales, but it certainly has its own thing going on. You have a large cast of different playable cats, each with unique abilities that will allow you to pass the various puzzles in the game. You can also summon different “helpers" which will follow you around and battle alongside you. Cats… with pets? This is madness. Check out Super Cat Tales in action in the following trailer.

In one additional nod to the red-hatted plumber, the Android version of Super Cat Tales is actually called Super Cat Bros. which seems like a more fitting tribute. I’m sure there’s an interesting story there about Apple taking issue with something so closely named to a Mario game, especially with Super Mario Run right around the corner. Anyway, whatever it’s called on your preferred platform, this looks like another excellent game from the folks who brought us the likes of Drop Wizard ($2.99) and Oceanhorn ($3.99). Best of all is that it’s coming in just a couple of weeks. So look for Super Cat Tales on iOS, and Super Cat Bros. on Google Play, on November 17th.