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‘Darkest Dungeon’ Possibly Coming to Tablets

Darkest Dungeon is a fantastic roguelike RPG that highlights the psychological stresses that come with adventuring, and it might be on its way to tablets. You lead your band of heroes (or wanna-be heroes) across all kinds of dungeons and see their sanity and mental health slowly deteriorate. As the descent into madness (among other things), they become less effective and will often act not in the ways you asked them to but according to their messed up mental state. They can get paranoid, greedy, angry, and even hopeless, and all those mental states have direct effects on the gameplay. Add to that a lovely, Gothic 2D art and entertaining turn-based combat, and you can understand why the game has been a huge hit on PC.

In a recent blog, the developers have announced that they are considering bringing Darkest Dungeon to tablets, since they’ve already “accidentally" designed a “pretty cool touch interface from the beginning." I would love to play this game on my tablet because it would really work well with the 2D side-scrolling art. Fingers crossed we’ll see it on tablets soon.