‘High Risers’ from ‘Bean Dreams’ and ‘Duet’ Developer Kumobius Now Available

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About a month ago we posted about how developer Kumobius, who you probably know from such hits as Bean Dreams ($2.99), Duet ($2.99), and Time Surfer ($0.99), were looking for beta testers for their new mobile game project, a platformer of sorts called High Risers. Well apparently the testing period went just fine as just this morning Kumobius pulled the rusty old release lever and High Risers (Free) is now available in the App Store.

High Risers is an auto-running platformer somewhat similar to Nitrome’s Leap Day (Free) in that you’re running back and forth and only changing directions when bumping into an object, and the goal is to jump up from floor to floor in a tower. The big difference in High Risers is that the environments aren’t simply one nice, long, vertical tunnel filled with floors, and in fact many of the levels don’t even have traditional walls to bounce off of. This brings an almost puzzle element into play as you find ways to bounce back and forth and continue marching upwards without running right off the edge of the level. The trailer for High Risers makes a lot more sense than my babbling, so check that out.

High Risers is an endless “see how far you can get" game and there’s a whole swath of additional characters and environments to unlock during your adventures. The folks who signed up for the beta test had universally positive things to say about High Risers during the beta period, and given the amazing titles Kumobius has given us in the past already, I’m confident that this one will be another home run. High Risers is available right now for free from the link below, and if you pick it up be sure to share your thoughts about it in our forums.

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