Dorothee Meets the ‘Yellow-Brick Brawl’ In This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl

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If you’ve played the One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone (Free) adventure, you’ll recognize today’s Brawl. Yellow-Brick Brawl brings a Wizard of Oz theme to the game just like in The Crone encounter in Wing 2 of Karazhan. The way the brawl plays this week is you get a Dorothee, a minion which grants Charge to minions on one side and Taunt to minions on the other. You then build a 10-card deck, and get three copies of each of your chosen cards. And then you get ready to follow that Yellow-Brick road in the direction of the Yellow-Brick Brawl. This was a very fun encounter in Karazhan, and I expect it to be a very entertaining Brawl, too.

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There are many ways you can go about building a deck. This is your chance to give charge to minions you always thought would be great with charge, or make those huge minions into taunt ones and frustrate your opponent. Keep in mind that without any good taunt minions on your side each turn, you’ll be eating charge minions to the face, so always make sure you are protecting your hero. Minions that spawn other minions are a good way to either protect yourself better or do more damage. And, of course, cards that buff your minions will be very useful here. What kinds of cards are you taking to this Brawl? Any ones that will do an especially good job?

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