‘Ski Safari 2’ Lets You Plummet Down the Pistes Free for the First Time Ever

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It may be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the time to start getting excited about the impending ski season. However, for anyone who doesn’t fancy the idea of launching themselves down a hill at ridiculous speeds with only a mere helmet for protection, developers Sleepy Z Studios have a way of experiencing the same winter wackiness without the many risks associated with extreme sports, as they have made Ski Safari 2 ($0.99) free for today as part of a ‘App of the Day’ promotion.

For those unfamiliar with Ski Safari 2, the 2015 sequel to one of the more popular endless runners on the App Store predictably involves flying down pistes at breakneck speed, however allows you to take advantage of numerous arctic animals – hence the ‘safari’ element in the title – to navigate the many obstacles that lie in your path. Furthermore, with tricks that can be performed, a whole host of missions to complete within the varied (and not necessarily snowy) environments, and a lot of upgrades and items to purchase in the in-game store, Ski Safari 2 should be a sure-fire way to tide over any skiers before they hit the slopes for real – the game even caters for anyone unlucky enough to be a snowboarder, which I guess is a plus. Be quick and pick up Ski Safari 2 while it is free, and swing by our forum thread if you think it’s totally radical.

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