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‘Dumber League’ Turn-Based Soccer From Magic Cube Releases in November

Magic Cube Games has been keeping busy with several releases in the past couple months, including the recent Smashing the Battle ($4.99) and RETSNOM ($2.99) releases. But one game that the studio announced a while back that has yet to come to fruition is their soccer game Dumber League, a turn-based, slingshot-like take on soccer. Well, the game still lives, and is set to release next month on iOS and Android. Check out a new trailer:

The game freezes time whenever somebody gets the ball, allowing you to aim and fire wherever. There’s player health to be worried about, as the game is very rough-and-tumble, and players can get knocked out. Also, you can kick non-soccer balls around. Still, there promises to be complex formation options, a number of customization options, 10 different leagues to compete in, and local multiplayer. Keep an eye out for this one next month.