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‘Slayaway Camp’ Launches on Steam, Mobile Version Still On the Way

A few months back, we wrote about the upcoming Slayaway Camp, a hilarious puzzle game with an 80s slasher movies theme and feel to it. The game is the brain child of PopCap’s co-founder, Jason Kapalka, and the creator of Cardinal Quest. Kapalka felt constrained at PopCap because he couldn’t really make a game with the graphic violence he wanted to, so he decided to give us Slayaway Camp. While we don’t yet have a date for the mobile version, the game has just released on Steam, so hopefully that means the mobile version is getting closer.

The game is all about an innocent prank gone wrong at a youth camp sitting on top of an ancient Native American burial site. As you can see, might as well be an 80s movie. You control Skullface, the psychotic slasher bent on slaughtering all those teen counselors in brilliant, gory voxel graphics. I can’t wait for this one.