Endless Neon Pinball Game ‘PinOut’ From the Developers of ‘Smash Hit’ Is Finally Available Worldwide

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Just over a month ago, we brought you news that PinOut (Free), Mediocre Games’s follow up to the aptly titled Smash Hit (Free) and Does Not Commute (Free), had released in certain App Store regions, and ever since I’ve been dying to try out the perplexing possibility of an endless pinball game in an atmospheric neon setting. Thankfully, the wait wasn’t long, as today PinOut has launched worldwide for the unbeatable price of absolute nothing, and looks every bit as good as the initial trailer suggested, and will hopefully bring something new to the (pinball) table, for both beginners and veterans alike.

While the app description to PinOut is a little vague, as it merely describes the ‘pulsating lights and throbbing retro wave beats’ of the lustrous pinball table landscape, the screenshots and trailer definitely go a long way to portraying the appeal of the game. At its heart, PinOut isn’t a particularly complex game, however it isn’t trying to be one, as Mediocre Games have focused instead on making a compelling and calming high score chaser, which should go a long way to satisfying anyone looking for a new casual game to try that should also stimulate the senses. My initial impressions are in line with the positive feedback from the soft launch on our forum thread, and with only one $1.99 in-app purchase to add checkpoints, PinOut seems like yet another success for Mediocre Games.

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