Nintendo Made Over 100 Million from ‘Pokemon GO’

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When Pokemon GO (Free) came out this summer, everyone jumped to the conclusion that Nintendo was rolling in the dough because of the game’s success. Nintendo’s shares jumped briefly following the success of the game, but soon afterwards went down again after investors realized that Pokemon GO wasn’t actually a Nintendo game. Because of all the confusion with who owns what, it’s been hard to figure out how much Nintendo made from the game, but we finally have a much better idea. Nintendo reported its second-quarter earnings for 2016 earlier today, so we finally have some numbers. The company made around $115 million from licensing fees from Pokemon GO, which comes down to about 19% of the game’s total revenues.

NintendoThe other major benefit from the game is that it drove Nintendo’s hardware sales up around 20% compared to last year even though the game isn’t played on a Nintendo device. Although Nintendo as a whole isn’t doing that great at the moment, Pokemon GO was another proof that the company can find success in the mobile market; now let’s see how much Super Mario Run (Free) will make.

[via Quartz]

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