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What’s Cooler Than Being Cool? Pixeljam’s ‘Snowball!’

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Pixeljam has announced their next game Snowball, and I have to say it looks really cool. That’s not just a pun on the fact that the game is winter-themed, but that the game looks really fun too! It’s a wintery pinball game that takes place on a giant pinball table, with all manner of unconventional flippers, bumpers, and magnets(?!) that you will have to pinball your way around. The entire table is constructed from snow, the pinball is a snowball, so of course the bottom of the board is a campfire that will melt your snowball down. Makes total sense.

Snowball started as a Flash game, but now Pixeljam has revived it to release it on Steam and mobile later this winter. The pixel art on this thing is quite detailed, so it should shine on modern Retina displays, for sure. Keep an eye out for this one, who couldn’t use more cool pinball games?

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