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Upcoming ‘Osteya: Adventures’ Will Have You Whipping Up Some Fun

If you’ve ever had the desire to go all Indiana Jones on the world, the upcoming Osteya: Adventures will give you just that opportunity, minus the hat though. Osteya: Adventures is the sequel to Osteya ($0.99) and while it looks slightly similar, Osteya: Adventures looks like a much more refined platformer. In this game, you’ll journey across 30 levels as you try to figure out the secret of the forgotten city. On the way, you’ll have nothing but your reflexes, dexterity, and your whip to help you survive.

The game promises 30 levels, monthly updates, 3D Touch and even ReplayKit. I’m glad to see the developers taking advantage of all the new iOS technologies like 3D Touch, and I hope more developers do so. The game will release for iOS on November 10th and for Android at some point later. Check out more screenshots in our Upcoming Games Forum Thread.