‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Halloween Bundle Is Now Available

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Another game is putting on its Halloween costume. This time is Pathfinder Adventures (Free), and what we are getting is the Ghosts n’ Goblins Halloween Bundle. This bundle brings a new card, Ghost Goblin, and a spooky dice set, neither of which can be found in normal treasure chests. The Ghost Goblin may not be evaded, and once it’s defeated, you get to display the Goblin next to your character. While that Goblin head is displayed, the difficulty of your checks to acquire boons is decreased by 3 while the difficulty of your checks to defeat banes is increased by 2. Fun card and a fun idea.

Pathfinder Adventures

As for the spooky dice set, when the game gets online multiplayer, it will be fun showing off your limited dice; that’s always the envy of other players in games such as this one. The Halloween Bundle costs $4.99, and it will only be around for a limited time.

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