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‘Human Puzzlepede’ Looks Like a Clever and Not Gross Puzzle Game

Michael Gribbin has revealed Human Puzzlepede, which sounds bad, but stick with me on this one. The idea is that you’re helping some weird fellow with a human face and a blocky snake-like body get to the bottom of the level. Now, the thing is that you don’t actually control the human puzzlepede, they kind of act on their own ane react to blocks in their way. But what you can do is to detonate blocks that get in the way similar to Collapse to help your elongated block-person-pede along. You have a time limit as you do this, essentially – your human puzzlepede can die of hunger.

Michael Gribbin has worked on myriad Flash and mobile games that are admittedly clones, but Human Puzzlepede looks like it’s actually doing something uniquely iterative on the puzzle concept. And as someone who understands puzzle games, this could be pretty cool. Check out the forum thread for the game, and prepare for Human Puzzlepede in November.