‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ 0.16 Update Releases Today, Brings Tons of New Features

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After a slight misfire, Mojang has released Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) 0.16 update (although it’s still making its way across the internet tubes on the iOS side). 0.16, or the Boss Update as it’s also called, brings Add-Ons to the game, which can totally change the way the game plays. For instance, you can have creepers ride huge explosive chickens or turn creepers into tiny – yet even more destructive – mobs; the possibilities are endless. If you want to see more about how Add-Ons work and how they can change the game, check out this page that includes pre-made Add-Ons you can use. The other main feature is the ability to import and export Realms. For instance, you can take an offline world you’ve been playing in and share it with friends in a Realm or even download your Realm world so you can play with it offline.

0.16 also makes oceans much more interesting by adding Ocean Monuments and all that comes with them like Guardians, Elder Guardians, sea lanterns, sponges, and more. Slash commands will also be making their first appearance and, of course, so will the Wither (this is the Boss Update after all). So, huge changes and additions as you can tell, although I’m disappointed we’re still not getting music to the game. Go here to check all the changes in detail and happy digging/crafting/exploring/swimming/etc.

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