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‘Party Hard Go’ Releases on November 10th, with Live Broadcasting Support

tinyBuild’s Party Hard Go has a release date and price at last. On November 10th for $6.99 (compared to the Steam version’s $12.89 price), you’ll be able to go around and stop parties…by any means necessary…while at a party! Play it passively-aggressively at a party you really don’t want to be at, maybe that’ll send a message that you want to be left alone and never be invited to any parties ever again. Check out some extended footage of the game, which will release on iOS and Android simultaneously:

The mobile version of Party Hard took a long time to come together – tinyBuild says they had to rebuild the game from the ground up for small devices. I was worried the game was never going to come when it was a continuous no-show from tinyBuild (who aren’t afraid to show off stuff early) but their people kept swearing it was happening! They weren’t kidding! You will be able to play this yourself starting on November 10th. It’ll feature both tap and virtual controls, and has StreamKit built-in so you can broadcast your gameplay straight from your device. More games need to support this.