‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ 0.16 Update Releases Tomorrow

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Well, that wasn’t too bad of a wait, was it? Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) 0.16 update, also called the Boss Update, was supposed to release on the 18th. Unfortunately, some last-minute technical issues surfaced and the release was postponed. Fortunately for us though, those issues have been resolved and we should be getting the update tomorrow morning. What are we getting in 0.16? Quite a few things, actually. As you can guess from the name of the update, we are getting many of the PC version’s bosses. We are also getting a long-awaited feature, the first implementation of Add-Ons that are the first step towards greater levels of customization of the game. If you aren’t sure what these will do, check out the video below.

We are also getting slash commands, which will allow you to mess about with your maps by changing time and weather, teleporting around like a drunk Star Trek crew member, and much more. Realms are also getting map import and export support and more. Quite a big update, and only one day to wait.

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