Earn Free ‘Hearthstone’ Packs By Picking a BlizzCon Champion

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Blizzard is letting you pick one BlizzCon finalist as your Hearthstone (Free) champion and rewarding you if your champion racks up any wins. How will this work? There are two selection windows, October 20th-25th and October 31st-November 3rd. During one of those windows, you pick one finalist as your champion (and you can’t change your pick). After picking a player, all you can do from there on is watch the tournament during BlizzCon and hope he gets as many wins as possible. You get one The Grand Tournament pack just for picking a champion, and then each time your champion wins a match, you get another TGT pack. You’ll have to wait for the tournament to conclude to collect your rewards.


This is a fun way to grab a few free packs, and all you have to do is bet on a champion. Speaking of betting, I wonder if people who accused Blizzard of promoting gambling with the recent Heroic Brawl announcement will do so again this time around. You can go here to lock in your hero; remember, pick wisely because you only get one chance to pick.

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