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‘Framed 2’, the Sequel to Comic Book Caper ‘Framed’, Announced for Early 2017 Release

2014’s Framed ($3.99) was one game that has been crying out for a sequel ever since its release. While the concept of rearranging comic book panels to progress the story was so ridiculously clever you couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done before – and even earned plaudits off video game development deity Hideo Kojima – we were disappointed in our review that such a cool mechanic felt somewhat half-baked in its execution. Finally, almost two years later, Loveshack Entertainment’s next iteration in their creative mobile series has been announced – Framed 2 takes the positive parts of the original game, but adds a new setting, premise and characters, and will hopefully kick ass when it launches in early 2017.

While there aren’t many details available for Framed 2 as of yet beyond the reveal trailer and a few screenshots on the game’s website, fans of the original will be happy to know the same noir thriller elements remains, and despite numerous similarities in the mechanics and design between the two titles, it appears this sequel will take the series into unfamiliar lands. With an eerie voyage into Chinese territory, there should be even more dangers lurking around the page for the protagonist, and definitely some beautiful contrasting environments, from the typical gloomy backdrops to more colorful harbor settings. The game is debuting at the Melbourne International Games Week, so if you’re lucky enough to be attending be sure to try out the title then – otherwise, keep your eye on our forum thread for more details related to Framed 2.