Slick Subway-Building Simulator ‘Mini Metro’ Has Finally Arrived at the App Store

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It’s a testament to the work of Dinosaur Polo Club that they’ve been able to make something as mundane and infuriating as public transport into a clever and captivating puzzle game. Mini Metro ($3.99) has kept us waiting at the platform since September 2014, where we first caught a glimpse of the PC version, with a suggestion of an iOS release a few months down the line. Over two years later, Mini Metro has finally launched on the App Store, however the severe delays appear to have been worth it. With critical acclaim on its original Steam launch, and an extremely positive showing in our GDC 2015 preview, Mini Metro looks like an essential purchase for any fans of meticulous city design, or even just puzzle game aficionados in general.

For its $4.99 price of entry, Mini Metro certainly is not devoid of content, with eleven real world cities to plan and create subways for, from giant metropolis cities such as London and New York City to more left-field choices like Cairo and Auckland. With random city growth during each game, and a whole host of upgrades and various modes to experiment with, each play through of Mini Metro is bound to have its own unique quirks and charms, and should definitely help any long train journeys fly by. Mini Metro was essentially designed for touch screen mobile play, and as nothing has been lost in the translation to the smaller screen, the iOS version may well be the definitive version of one of the best indie puzzle games of recent years. If the game has won you over with its minimalistic take on city construction games, alight at our forum thread and let us know your impressions on Mini Metro.

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