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Endless Runner and Farming Simulator ‘Harvest’ Hits Mobile on October 21st

William Mesilane’s Harvest has existed in many forms since the halcyon days of 2006, when it was part of a Flash collaboration, to a full-fledged game in 2008. Or so you thought. Harvest is set to hit mobile, in a more-full, more-fledged version that releases this Friday, October 21st. The game combines endless runner gameplay, where you have to move from lane to lane picking up crops, jumping over obstacles, and dashing to stay ahead of the deadly harvester that wants to mow you down. Each run will end with you just being bumped by it, nobody actually dies, but it’s still kind of dark!

Harvest isn’t just about endless running, you’ll use the currency you earn to build up your farm and unlock new crops to collect, along with upgrading your crop supplies and unlocking new characters to race with. Harvest is fun, and you’ll be able to check it out as a free download later this week on October 21st.