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Adorably Disgusting Puke-Based Platformer ‘Eggggg’ Coming this Thursday

Puke is not something I’m a fan of. The sounds, the visuals, the… odor. Just writing about it makes me a bit queasy. On the other hand, platformers are something I’m a huge fan of. So when Hyper Games set out to make a puke-based platformer, it definitely left me feeling conflicted. Luckily that game, called Eggggg, uses vomit in a cutesy and surprisingly charming way so when the game launches later this week I think I’ll actually have a fighting chance to play it without puking myself. Eggggg is not so much about running and jumping, rather it’s about running and propelling yourself around using the force of your vomit. Ewww. You can also pick up special forms of puke like one that allows you to jetpack around in the air, and there’s puke-based puzzles to solve too like falling into a pit which you must then fill with your own puke in order to swim to the surface and escape. This all sounds really disgusting when describing it in words, but is a lot easier to digest (heh) when seen in motion thanks to Eggggg’s excruciatingly charming art style.

Several people in the game’s upcoming thread have remakrked that the visuals in Eggggg look inspired by the wonderful Adventure Time, however, the artist on the game Brosmind has been using this style for a lot longer than the show has been around, and it looks absolutely lovely here. Also adding to the charm is the sound effects, which are created entirely by sound designer Bendik Hoydahl’s mouth, and there’s a very entertaining blog post about that whole process if you’re interested. Gross pukey stuff aside, I’m very excited for Eggggg when it launches as a premium app this Thursday, October 20th.