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‘Harvest’ Combines Auto-Running with Farming Sim, Coming in October

Farming sims are nothing new on mobile, but what I like is when a developer blends in some more action-oriented gameplay into the mix. Make you work for those virtual crops, you know? That’s what solo developer William Mesilane of Studio Zero hopes to accomplish with his upcoming game Harvest. Originally born from a simple Flash game called Four Second Firestorm Mesilane worked on back in 2006, and then fleshed out in another Flash game called Harvest+ in 2008, Harvest has you running for your life from a combine harvester, collecting fruits and veggies along the way which you can then add to your farm and eventually sell for a profit. Farming ain’t easy, and in this case, it’s potentially life-threatening.

Harvest promises dozens of challenges to complete, more than 30 unlockable characters, and a wide variety of environments to build out your farm (and run from the giant death machine). It’s also aiming to be a highly accessible title with a colorblind mode, an optional screen shake effect, and the option to be running either left to right like most runners or from right to left as shown in the trailer. Harvest seems like some silly fun, so look for it to launch for free at some point next month and if you’re interested in possibly beta testing this one check out the thread in our forums.