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Magic Cube and Somi Bring Mirror Puzzle Platformer ‘Retsnom’ to iOS and Android This October

Somi Games and Magic Cube Software are teaming up to release Retsnom on iOS and Android this month. This is a puzzle-platformer whose gameplay hook is that there are parts of levels that act as kinds of mirrors, and you need to manipulate them in order to get where you’re going. Some can be reversed horizontally, others vertically, and even obscuring or clearing up the mirror can be used to navigate platforms as well.

Magic Cube is publishing this one for mobile after the game’s release on Steam. There’s a whole narrative aspect to the game, where you’re a father trying to rescue your daughter. But given the dark tone, who wants to guess that there’s something darker and more sinister going on? Probably! You’ll get to find out hopefully soon (and not just because Halloween is coming up) as the game is set to release this October.