Deck-Building Word Game ‘Paperback’ Releases on Android

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If you like word games and deck-builders, you probably have already bought and played Paperback: The Game ($3.99) on iOS. If you are of the Android tribe, then you can also get in on the action since the game has gone live on Google Play today. Paperback has you playing as an author trying to finish genre novels like Romance, Westerns, Sci-Fi, etc. You start with a deck of letter cards, and as you form various words, you earn money that you then use to buy even more powerful letters. Many of the more expensive letters have special abilities that trigger when you use those letters in words, so there’s plenty of strategy going on.


The game comes with 3 levels of AI opponents and hotseat, with online multiplayer apparently coming in a later update. Paperback has been well received overall, so if you like word games, deck-building games, and are on Android, go check the game here.

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