‘Clash of Clans’ Update Just Dropped, Adds Friendly Wars, New Troop Levels, and More

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And without any prior warning, Supercell has just released its latest Clash of Clans (Free) update (although the game is still undergoing maintenance, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play). We knew it was coming at some point this week, but the sooner the better. This latest update adds a new feature called Friendly Wars, where you can challenge others to custom wars without any penalty if you suck at them, a revamp of Army Training that should streamline what was a slightly clunky experience, and new troop levels for Dragon, Baby Dragon, Wizard, and more.

There’s also the new Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8, 25 more wall pieces to Town Hall 11, and all kinds of other additions. The update also reduces many upgrade costs and times as well as applying a rebalancing brush stroke over quite a few units. Will this update be enough to get players excited with the game again? That’s always the question when it comes to Supercell’s games, so we’ll see.

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