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‘FIFA Mobile’ Launching Globally in 4 Days

FIFA Mobile is one of those games that I should be super excited for and yet I’m very, very reserved for reasons I’ll explain below. The game has been in soft launch, and EA has just announced that the game is releasing globally for iOS and Android in 4 days (apparently they don’t like dates), so probably Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how the developers are counting. What the new version of FIFA Mobile is bringing is a complete redesign with mobile in mine, although mobile appears to mean different things to different people. FIFA Mobile will once again focus on the Ultimate Team part of the game and pretty much leave everything else behind. There are going to be some live events that will bring new content to the game daily in the form of mini-games and even a mode where you only attack for a half and then your opponent gets to attack.

If you take a stroll around our forum thread for the game, you’ll find some players who’ve been checking the soft-launch version out, and they aren’t exactly happy with what the game has to offer. Phrases like “the worst FIFA" are thrown around quite often, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic about the game if I were you. Of course it’s worth keeping in mind that it all depends on what you want from a FIFA mobile game; maybe you do want a quick, fun experience rather than a full match. If you do, then this game should be fine. For the rest of you, well, things don’t look too rosy.