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EA Offers More Details on ‘FIFA Mobile’ New Features

FIFA Mobile is getting closer to release, so EA is offering more details on the game’s new features. We’ve talked a bit about the new features a few weeks back, but now we know more about them, and some of it sounds good. The Live Events feature will bring daily challenges – some of them in the form of limited-time events – like scoring a number of free-kick goals against a keeper and a wall of defenders or reaching the goal without the defenders gaining possession of the ball and so on. This is a good way to get players to practice playing the game while getting rewards for it and to, of course, keep them coming back every day.

Fifa Mobile


The game is also adding a feature called Form, which is similar to Team of the Week from previous FIFA mobile games. When a player does very well in real life, he’ll get an In Form item with boosted stats. You can find these In Form items by opening packs or by completing specific Plans, a new crafting system that should help players dump their crappy items for bigger and better ones. I like the idea of linking the real with the digital (many other games have done this in the past), but I still don’t like all the talk about “items" and all the menus I can see in the future of any FIFA Mobile player. The game shouldn’t be too far off into the future, so we’ll see how these new experiments turn out.