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Strategy RPG ‘DC Legends’ Coming This November, Brings Wonder Woman Along

DC is bringing its many Super Heroes and Super-Villains to mobile this November in a free-to-play strategy RPG game called DC Legends. You’ll be taking your teams of super heroes and super-villains through DC universe storylines all the while upgrading each hero’s skills and abilities. The game will have a story-driven campaign and PvP, although I don’t think the PvP part will be real-time. And, as is the case in many similar games, DC Legends will have numerous live events to promote further player engagement and keep the game fresh.

In celebration of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary – and because of the upcoming Wonder Woman film – players who preregister and download the game at launch will get a Wonder Woman in-game character. If you like DC characters, you’re probably going to really enjoy DC Legends. The game is coming out next month, so go preregister here.