‘Pokemon GO’ Upcoming Capture Bonus Will Help You Catch Rare Pokemon

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Niantic has repeatedly stated that we’ll be getting more Pokemon GO (Free) features in the future, and now we have info on one of those upcoming features. According to the announcement, the game will grant trainers a “catch bonus" when they earn medals based on catching certain types of Pokemon. These new bonuses will make it easier to catch Pokemon with a related type. For instance, when you reach a higher tier for let’s say the Kindler Medal, you’ll get a higher bonus for capturing Fire-type Pokemon. When you catch many Pokemon of the same type, you’ll gradually move to a new tier. Keep in mind that if a Pokemon has multiple types, your bonus will be the average of your bonuses for each type.

This should be a fun feature that helps give trainers a purpose and a plan when out hunting for Pokemon rather than simply going with the “gotta catch em all" kind of strategy while also making it easier to catch rarer Pokemon. And apparently the encounter rate has been increased, which should help you pick and choose which Pokemon to go for. This new feature is coming “soon," so hopefully not too long before you can start getting those bonuses.

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