Today’s ‘Hearthstone’ Brawl is Chess From the ‘Karazhan’ Adventure

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This week’s Hearthstone (Free) Brawl will look very familiar to those who played the One Night in Karazhan Adventure since it’s pretty much a repeat of the Chess encounter from The Parlor wing. If you haven’t played that encounter, each player has 10 health and a 1-mana Hero Power that lets you move a minion to the left. This is an important power to have since this Brawl is all about minion positioning. Your deck has minions such as 1-mana White Pawns that deal 1 damage, 3-mana White Bishops that restore 2 health to adjacent minions, 4-cost 4/3 White Knights that have charge, 3-cost 2/6 White Rooks that deal 2 damage, and a 7-cost 4/3 White Queen that deals 4 damage.

The trick in this Brawl, though, is that all the minions (minus the Knight) auto attack the minions across. If a minion is positioned in between two opposing minions, then it attacks both of those. You can only hit face if there are no minions across from your minions.

So, as you can tell, positioning and board control matter tremendously in this Brawl, especially since you only have 10 health and the decks are pretty small. I wrote about how to go about playing this encounter in our Karazhan guide, but in short what you need to be doing is trying to either have more or less minions than your opponent so you can be hitting 2 minions at the same time or hitting face. If you’re running low on health, you can try and have the same number of minions or more than your opponent to block and damage to the face. Use your Bishops wisely to keep your minions around more, and use your hero power to get the right minion in the right spot. The Brawl is live in the Americas, so go have fun.

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