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Side Scrolling Shooter ‘The Bug Butcher’ Is Finally Set to Crawl Onto the App Store on October 20th

Bugs always seem to be victims of video games, from many different perspectives. You have the literal development cycle, whereby iOS apps are (hopefully) purged of software bugs before release, which gets even more meta when you take something like Game Dev Story ($4.99) – is this bug-ception? Regardless, it’s set to get even worse for bugs, but this time in the literal, creepy-crawly sense. The Bug Butcher is a side scrolling shooter which sets your suited protagonist on a path of insect genocide, as you must navigate thirty levels and five brutally difficult boss fights of pure pest extermination. The Bug Butcher looks beautiful in action and a whole lot of fun, so I cannot wait to play it when it makes the transition to iOS on October 20th.

For anyone who has been following the forum thread for The Bug Butcher, this release may seem like it’s been a long time coming, and they’d be right to think so. The developers Awfully Nice originally posted about The Bug Butcher all the way back in 2014, and a subsequent Steam release on 2016 raised questions of both if and when the game would reach mobile devices. Thankfully, the end is finally in sight, and after much refinement during the nine months it has been available on PC – amidst a whole host of extremely positive reviews from fans and critics alike – iOS gamers can be reassured they will play the best version of The Bug Butcher at release. The amount of depth in upgradable weapons, power-ups and missions, as well as the charm and charisma the game exudes – I love the fact the main character is referred to as the ‘Anti-Hero’ – is indicative of ex-Blizzard developers, and the relatively rare vertical shooting mechanic looks like a breath of fresh air for side scrollers on the App Store.

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With the developers confirming numerous difficulty modes – which hilariously involve a transition from full-on armour to playing in your undies – and also that the game will launch for a premium price with no in-app purchases, it seems The Bug Butcher is more than just a throwaway port, but a carefully considered iOS release that will play to the strengths of the platform. To be honest, I’m just glad that such an excellent indie game will finally reach my iPhone after a year of purgatory whilst the Steam launch has taken priority. Keep an eye on our forum thread for any further details on the roll-up to The Bug Butcher’s October 20th launch, as it (ter)mite be a classic!