Twitch Prime Gets You Tyrande Whisperwind, ‘Hearthstone’ New Priest Hero, for Free

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A few weeks back we wrote how Hearthstone (Free) was adding a new Priest Hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, as part of a special promotion, but we didn’t know what that promotion would actually be. Now we do. Twitch just announced that those who sign up for Twitch Prime, Twitch’s new “premium experience" that comes free for those who already have Amazon Prime, will get Tyrande for free. The way it works is you go to, and link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a 30-day trial on the same website and then still claim Tyrande.


How do you claim the new hero? After you sign up for your Twitch Prime account or trial, you go to and log in, then navigate to any channel page, and on the left side navigation bar you’ll see an image of Tyrande. Hover over the image and click on “Get Code." Copy that code and then go to to redeem it. If you play Hearthstone, this is a no-brainer deal for you, so go grab it before it ends on November 5th.

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