Point and Click Adventure ‘Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise’ Is Set to Receive Three New Chapters as Free Updates by the End of the Year

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Back when we reviewed Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise ($0.99) in November of last year, we were extremely impressed by how entertaining the comic book style point and click adventure title managed to be, all while maintaining its exciting narrative and beautifully stylish cel-shaded design. However, there was a slight problem with the ending — only lasting two hours and ending on a rather underwhelming anticlimax somewhat soured the experience, and left us wanting developers Yak and Co to extend the tale of Ruby La Rouge to end in a manner fitting for an otherwise outstanding game on the App Store. However, the creators have responded to feedback, as they have today announced that over the coming months, three additional story chapters will be added to Agent A in the form of free updates, as well as an Android release on October 27th, and a price increase to coincide with the new content.

While Yak and Co have not released any details about the nature of the content in the upcoming three chapters – they are instead planning to post teaser reveals in the weeks prior to the updates hitting the App Store – they have suggested that the new content will more than double the amount of gameplay from the current game, which for free updates is mightily impressive. Furthermore, considering Yak and Co is only a two man development team, it’s all the more admirable that, even nearly a year later, they are still standing by their initial promise of more content for Agent A. It may have taken a while, but members on our forum have been eagerly anticipating new chapters for Agent A, so the upcoming updates will certainly satisfy a lot of old fans, and with a price increase occurring after each successive addition lands, there isn’t a better time to try this fantastic point and click adventure gem on the App Store.

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