Marvel’s Women of Power Have Landed on ‘Marvel Pinball’

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If you like Marvel’s many rad female super heroes, you’ll like the new Marvel Pinball ($0.99) update that has added many of them to the game along with two brand new tables. As we wrote about a few days back, the new update brings characters like Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, and many more. The first table, A-Force, is all about an alternate Soviet-dominated reality and features a fun storyline involving the destruction of a Cosmic Cube. The table’s Wizard Mode lets you control Black Widow and Madame Masque as you try and keep those Cosmic Cube balls in one piece.

The second table is the Champions one, and in that you have to take out Bombshell using Ms. Marvel. The story here is all about Kamala trying to take Bombshell down after the latter committed a bank robbery. In order to succeed, you have to use Squirrel Girl’s “army" to track down the criminals and then use Spider-Gwen’s webbing to wrap them into little presents. As you can see from the video above, this new pack is pretty cool. You can get the new tables as IAPs and they are available now.

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