PewDiePie and ‘Goat Simulator’ Designer Working on New Games

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PewDiePie seems to be enjoying the mobile gaming business quite a bit. Just this week we got the PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator (Free), and now we heard that he is planning on working together with Armin Ibrisagic, one of the key people behind the hugely successful Goat Simulator ($6.99), to make multiple games including mobile ones. This is not a surprising cooperation because back when Goat Simulator first came out, PewDiePie played it on his channel, which partly led to that crazy game exploding in popularity (the video garnered over 13 million views). While we don’t have any specifics on the type of games that will be coming out of this cooperation, we do know that they’ll be making multiple titles over multiple platforms, including mobile.

If you’ve ever played Goat Simulator or any of the two PewDiePie games on mobile, you’ll know that all three rely heavily on humor and absurdity, so I expect to see more of the same once we start seeing the results of this cooperation. Curious to see what we’ll end up getting. Goat Tuber Simulator maybe?

[via The Verge]

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