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Upcoming ‘Silicon Valley: Billionaire’ Is All About Cutthroat Capitalism

If you’ve ever seen Silicon Valley CEOs describe how cutthroat their business is and said “yeah, I want to be just like them," here’s your chance. The upcoming Silicon Valley: Billionaire is a real-time online game where you get to start your Silicon Valley company and then try and conquer all others around you. As you can imagine, you won’t be playing nice in this one: you get to hire but also fire employees, educate and promote them, but, more importantly, go after other companies. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few companies (I like mixed metaphors), so get ready to merge with and acquire companies of other online players in a winner-takes-all kind of game.

Silicon Valley: Billionaire also has you playing with stocks as you try to make money by investing in other players’ successes. I like the idea of interacting with other players in the context of building a successful company, but of course it all depends on the implementation of these features. The game is scheduled for release in October, and you can check it out in our forums.