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’’ from ‘Galcon’ Developer Phil Hassey Combines .io Games with ‘Pac-Man’

Phil Hassey, premier game developer and herder of even-toed ungulates, has announced his latest game: Yes, it a .io game with emojis, meaning you’ll be competing with other players in a shared world to be the most powerful player at any given time. But the twist here is that features a Pac-Man-esque system, where you’re navigating around mazes in cardinal directions. While you can pick up gems to become more powerful, this isn’t a case where running into a less-powerful player will kill them, necessarily: instead, it makes it when you pick up a powerup be more powerful. Here, it is like the fire powerup from Pac-Man 256 (Free) in how it works, leaving a trail of fire behind you while also speeding up. This means that a less powerful player can take out a more powerful player, but a more powerful player will be particularly deadly with their powerup.

You’ll unlock additional playable emojis through video ads, or by purchasing packs of emojis. As well, you can pay for an hour of getting an instant power boost, or watching a video ad to get a power boost for one game. Otherwise, this will be a free download that you can check out for yourself on October 13th.